Adhesive Removal on Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are great for flooring purposes basically for their elegance especially those that are glazed finished. Most of the commonly used ones are those of smooth and shiny textures and surfaces as they leave a good impression to the whole beauty of the house. No matter which type of tiles you would use, as long as the installation is well planned and executed, you can expect good results in return. Putting these up can be quite simple. It can be executed easily if you have the power tools to cut them to their respective sizes.

Cleaning Them

Working on ceramic tiles also includes having to clean and remove adhesives that are stuck on the materials. In most cases, stains caused by all sorts of adhesives are usually dealt with after an installation of the tiles. These can be easily solved though using the right product as well as the correct method. Cleaning with the wrong techniques and inappropriate products will only cause harm to you and your tiles in the long run. Learn how to properly eliminate these blemishes in order to have an effective stain removal technique.

  • Check, Identify, and Mark – prior to any action, you would need to check and inspect the areas that are affected with the stains. Obviously, this problem requires quick solution in the form of stain removal agents. However, before you do that you would need to identify the cause of the issue first in order to get an idea on what you are dealing with. You will be facing various types of adhesives that are stuck or caught on your ceramic tiles. If you are not familiar with the adhesive, it would be better if you contact a professional contractor or go to the hardware store and ask for some assistance. Mark the areas where work is required in order for you to be able to accomplish all of the spots without them getting overlooked in the process.
  • Adhesive Remover – for smaller areas with weaker types of adhesives such as glue, you can always use nail polish remover for this job. Do not immediately use stronger products on cases where you can remove the blemishes manually or by using weaker solutions. Super glues, epoxy, and other stronger types of adhesives need more than just a nail polish remover as they tend to be the stubborn forms of stains. Letting the adhesive removal products sit for a while on the areas with stains is a good thing to do in order to soften them up. As a result, you can have an easier work with less effort on your part as compared to immediately scraping and wiping off such blemishes.
  • Scrape – use a razor blade to peel off and scrape the remaining blemishes on your ceramic tiles. Do not worry for scratches though as the smoothness of the tile allows it to resist such problems. However, it would not hurt if you take a little caution and care as you work with the blades. Replace each time the razors get blunt in order to conduct a much easier task.