Breaking The Old Patterns

Did you ever observe how closely you remind people of your old folks? Comparisons start in the early childhood soon after the very birth when people close to you are seeking similarities between you and your parents’ looks. You have officially become the heir to the genes and some long and untold stories behind whose secret will be long locked somewhere deep in the family closet. You are born into this world and will now act as they please, no matter your needs and no matter your cries. Since that very moment, you are totally dependent on those two giants and you will keep doing so for many years to come till the day you die. Do not hold your breath for the next revelation; the old patterns of the brain’s programming are set for good and there is no going back in time to reverse any damage felt. You are not totally independent even though you act as one so many years later. What have you become then? Someone’s copy or two people’s copy.

Realize How You Came to Be What You Are

You gobbled their truths, as distorted as they believed it deeply to be, you followed their favorite pasttimes and perhaps discarded those and replaced by some of your own, but you cannot discard the beliefs. They imprinted some beliefs which you cannot uproot, you could be hearing those voices from the past telling you what you are going to become one day, what expectations they have of you, and that keeping your mouth shut is the best you can do in the circumstances, and so on and on. Breaking away from those old ways and old tapes is hard enough but obviously you would only like to break away from those signaling how badly treated you were and the like. It is a lifelong pattern you cannot easily dismiss which shows you how lasting those first impressions and your parents’ ways are. To shake everything off and own your life requires more than a bit of awareness. How to be free of all that needs intelligence but awareness goes even more deeply into the heart of the matter. No one will reveal to you what awareness really is all about but you could find the truth when you abandon all the illusions you thought were absolute truth. Now you could be one step closer to discovering the real world through the smoke and reflected in thousands of mirrors you placed to avoid the true you. Probably you need to break some glass and bleed a little before you are ready to face the true yourself. Would that not be a revelation?! If only breaking the old patterns required some blood spilling, however, as they say, the poison is flowing in your veins so bleed you must to reach for the truth. Only the true suffering can open up your eyes.