Choose Your Own Purgatory or Heaven

Right. So you could be just sitting there trapped in your own head replying the past scenarios while everyone else has just moved on. Why not remain stuck? It is so often easier to reminiscence the old good days and the old good people you had run into but somehow neglected to say something more than hi. It is a pity that when life showers us with sudden happy spells they hardly last a long time. Perhaps that is why it is no use to wait for another happy spell but just live your life day by day. That is not to say you should lower your expectations by a mile or so but removing all expectations could be more pleasant if pleasant is OK with you. Waiting for something to happen that does not contain anything painful about it is a mirage that soon will fade away. Now you are the maker of your day, of each and every day, even if those become a series of identical images, but take heart knowing that millions if not billions of people’s lives take the same shape, and not so totally different from yours.

Living Hell or Living a Lie or Living a Life

Hell is other people or, as they say, but they can be hell if you let them be and get to you. Choosing the right kind of people to be with is the right kind of attitude to employ. However, what is much worse is the way you choose your life to live and whether you build some strong foundations or build your house of smoke and sand. Those illusions are lifted straight off the pages of some Harlequin novel, where after a long and devastating struggle with cancer the heroine finally meets her prince from her dreams. Those dreams are built on the wrong premise that love should hit you like an arrow, that the feeling of normalcy and your own inner need to belong should somehow be fulfilled with someone’s help, to make up for the lost time, some expectations and in general the need to pretend everything about you is going to be alright. Instead of living a life you make some simple mistake of self deception, while the other person is also delusional. That is rather a common process, something that might take a lot of time before waking up to see the light. A pursuit of your dreams is also at times a delusion that must be reassessed to allow for a more balanced approach to life’s demands.

So how to live a life in the light of its brutality and enjoy anything possible? If you employ too much sensitivity and empathy you will soon realize that is next to impossible to live on this planet, that only some fleeting moments of beauty present can make up for the lost illusions. It is therefore best to wake up and seize the day. Give up the grand illusions straight from a circus. Become aware of yourself. Become aware of the other people. Listen to your own voice.