Guides about Door Gasket Repair

Door gaskets may appear quite simple but are very important in energy efficiency as they prevent leaks on whatever purpose they are installed. These are used on almost every access points in order not only to save energy but also to preserve either the heat or cool air inside the room or container. However, after long periods of use though, these may succumb to damages and need to be given immediate and proper attention. This is necessary in order to correct whatever the cause of the problem may be.

It’s Easy

Repairing door gaskets can be done in a matter of few hours especially if you know how to properly and easily accomplish the job. For those who are new in this type of work though, it may time them quite some time before they can finish this project. Learning how to fix simple things like this will give you an advantage in many ways aside from monetary savings. Below is a simple guide on how you can instantly repair and replace your old, damaged gasket into a new one.

  • Inspect – check the material whether it needs to be repaired or replaced in order to cut on the expenses. Doing this will not only save you money but also time and effort. Do not try to pull off and throw your door gasket immediately without any inspection made as this is unwise. The best thing for you to do is to run a thorough inspection on your gasket to see whether it is still functional or it is ok to dispose and replace with new one.
  • Purchase – when you are searching for a replacement gasket, make sure that you choose a new one with high quality. You need this in order to make sure that the material is sturdier and can withstand all sorts of weather condition and various factors that can cause damages to the door gasket. If you are not familiar with these stuffs, you can always ask your supplier or the hardware store where you buy them to make sure that you do not waste precious money on weaker products.
  • Remove Gasket – there are various methods on how you can peel off the gasket from the surface of where it is used. The most commonly used though is the hot water method where you soak the gasket on the water. However, this is impossible on areas that are large enough to fit on a container. You can also slowly and gently peel it off the surface while assisting with a utility knife.
  • Install New Gasket – when it comes to the installation process, you will need a product that will properly secure it on the surface such as a silicone sealant. Squeeze a bead of the sealant on the surface and attach the door gasket. Let it dry overnight to ensure that it is properly glued to wherever you had set it up. Do not try to pull or touch the gasket as this may dislodge the material which can make it look uneven. After the night, the door can be used as the gasket is sure to have been stuck properly.