How to Fix Stuck Gate Hinges

A gate is usually attached to hinges that are properly secured to the wall of the fence. Whenever you try to open or close the gate, you will notice movement on these devices. Aside from this function, they also carry the whole weight of the material in order to properly mount it on the fence. However, through many years of use, the hinges get stuck due to the changes in the weather as well as the poor maintenance done by the homeowner.

Fixing stuck gate hinges can be done easily. It requires no effort at all as most of these problems can be solved with simple things and methods. Any person in the right sense of mind can perform and accomplish this task without even having to learn from a professional. In fact, common sense is all what’s required for this project which can be easily finished within a matter of few minutes.

  • Inspect All Hinges – instead of focusing only on the one that has acquired buildups, make sure that every hinges are checked and are immediately given ideal attention. Do not neglect any dirt and stain buildups on the hinges as these are the common cause of problems in the long run.
  • Identify Problem – after you are done with the inspection of the hinges, the next thing to do is to identify the root cause of the problem. Although solving the issues would temporarily prevent the damage on the hinges, hitting the main contributor of the problem would be the best solution to this.
  • Oil – pouring oil on the hinges will help a lot in getting rid of rust and other debris that get stuck or accumulated on the inside of the instrument. This will allow the hinges to rotate properly without resisting off any pressure in the process.
  • Brush – on some cases, stuck hinges can be remedied using a good quality steel brush and scrub the edges and joints of the device. This process is great for removing dirt and rust.
  • Grind – in case the problem was not solved with the oil and brush technique, you would need to use a grinding tool for the job. This is an effective tool in removing stubborn stain and debris that had been accumulated on the hinges. Always be careful whenever you handle and use this tool as there are many cases of accidents due to improper utilization of the power equipment.
  • Grease – in order to keep it protected from rust, corrosion, and all sorts of stuffs that can compromise the integrity of the rotating device, apply grease on it. Coating the hinges with grease or with any alternative material will help maintain its condition and will prevent the sipping of water which is usually the main cause of problems.
  • Regular Check up – this will prevent any formation on any area of the gate that can hinder its movements. A regular inspection of the gate will also allow you to check its condition which will enable you to see if there are parts that needs to be repaired or replaced.