Simple Health Tips for A Busy Mom

Getting the Groceries

Your freezer and fridge run dry by the weekís end. This is actually the best time for you to get the groceries so that you can prepare for another busy week ahead while having what you should need on a Sunday in your kitchen. A grocery delivery service is a great way to help you have everything that you will need.

Organizing on a Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoons are typically the part of the week that everyone in the house becomes lazy. So, while everybody is already comfy on the sofa, you can now prepare your meal plans for the whole week.

Involving Your Kids

You can let your kids suggest menus for the whole school week. This will actually give you ideas on what to place in the lunch boxes. Try incorporating fruits, vegetables, beans or grains and animal protein as well.

Another option is to bring your kids along to the market and have them tell you what they would like to have or eat for the week. Try grabbing some blueberries, spinach and kale. Your kids will definitely enjoy the sight of a colorful menu on your dining table.

Add Lots of Herbs and Vegetables

Do not hesitate to purchase lots of veggies because in a way or the other, they will surely be put into good use. For instance, if you are preparing carrot soup, it wonít take you much energy and time or even money to prepare enough for the whole week. You can also use some carrots to make gluten-free muffins. For other mushy looking things in your fridge that you havenít used for a few days, put it in your juicer or blend it and enjoy your healthy smoothie or juice.

Moreover, you can try doubling up your onions for your onion soup as well as red bell pepper. Just roast the capsicums and puree them in your food processor to have fresh and wonderful substitute for ketchup or other sauces.

Also, do not forget to stack on fresh herbs because they are good to have in certain juices like parsley, mint and basil which are all be frozen so you wonít have to worry about any wastes.

Stack on Frozen Fruits and Peas for Some Pea Soup

Do not leave the grocery store without a pack or a bag of frozen fruit. These fruits are quick, simple and are a delicious add-on to your morning oatmeal or smoothies.

Be Confident

Do not second guess if being confident sounds daunting. You can do these simple tips and youíll be surprised that by the second week, you are on autopilot. Just get started. Put your apron on, turn on some music and smile.