The Pros and Cons of Attending College Online Verses a Community College or University

Most parents dream of the day that their child will go away to college. A lot of things go into researching the perfect college for a senior out of high school as well as for people that are starting college later on in life. Times are constantly changing, and that goes for colleges, as well. A lot of people are finding it easier to attend full-time college online as opposed to the traditional community college or university.

Pros to Going to an Online College

Today, a lot of people need to work a full time job in order to live. Going to an online college gives you the flexibility and freedom to work your school hours around your job. Therefore, you donít have to worry about taking on fewer hours at work or quitting altogether. Online colleges are often cheaper than going to a traditional community college or university, because there are a lot of factors that you donít have to concern yourself with when going to an online college. For instance, you take classes at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. This alleviates having to constantly drive back and forth to campus for classes, which saves on gas and mileage on your car.

It is also beneficial to people that have a hard time concentrating within a large group of people. Online colleges have message boards and communities that you can get help from without the distractions of in class discussions that you may or may not be able to actually follow. These are just a few of the pros to attending classes at an online college as opposed to going to a traditional community college or university.

Cons to Going to an Online College

Although online colleges are a valuable asset to the education community, there are some things that arenít found within them. For instance, when choosing an online college, you need to be extremely careful in the one that you pick. You need to make sure that they are an accredited college. Otherwise, you may find yourself doing a lot of work, and then not being able to get a job, because the school that you chose was not an accredited college.

Another con to going to an online college has to do with social interaction. This tends to be more important for students that are still relatively young and fresh out of high school. Although online colleges have message and discussion boards, there is not any physical contact with other students or teachers. This can cause a problem for some students, depending on how they learn. Whereas some people learn poorly through in-class discussions, other students flourish on this teaching style.

Things to Look for Regardless of the Type of College That You Choose

Overall, when you are looking for a college, you need to look for a college that is both accredited and fits the type of student that you are. If you are the type of student that needs social and physical interaction with your peers and your teachers, then it would be more beneficial for you to attend a traditional community college or university. However, if you are the type of student that works better on your own and canít concentrate in large groups of people, then it will benefit you to find a good accredited online college.